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August 2011.
The ProBooking system has been active for a number of months now and the ProBooking Team is excited about the positive feedback received from clients to date. The system has been well accepted and has been used extensively to make and manage client bookings. Feedback received included that service providers are pleasantly surprised how easy, yet effective ProBooking works. Recently added Service Providers include Mooikloof Equestrian Club, LivMor Pilates, Stretching SA and more.

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“Since I started using ProBooking, I experienced that my patients arrived much more punctional for their appointments. The amount of late cancellations also reduced due to the fact that my Patients are automatically reminded of their appointment times well in advance. It is an efficient system taking you into the next level of communicating with your clients, and I will recommend it too anybody in the health and wellness industry.”
Hans de Wit
Stretching SA

Welcome to Pro Booking
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ProBooking is an exciting new product developed to assist various service providers with the making and managing of their
client bookings and with the management of their client relations.

ProBooking is a web-based application available 24/7/365 through any web-browser. Clients have the ability to make and
manage their own appointments through an online web portal. Various features like automatic reminders and notifications
are included to streamline the booking process.

Service providers manage their appointment book and client base online through the same portal. Bulk electronic
communication (emails and smses) can also be sent via the portal to the service provider client base.

The main benefits of using ProBooking to service providers include:

  • Online Booking 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • Saving Service Providers and their clients Time & Money
  • Service Providers can Expand their Client Base and Effectively Manage their Client Relations
  • Service Providers and Clients can Manage Bookings Worldwide

ProBooking is developed for any person or organization providing services to clients through appointments. Typical
Service Providers include doctors, dentist, hair dressers, Beauticians, Physiotherapists, Vets, Sport Clubs and many more. The
system is scalable to handle a single person operation to a multiple branch franchise.


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